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Hi there!

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Hi I'm Christine

I’m the founder, designer and lifelong lover of all things design at Christine Gardner Design Studio. 


I’ve officially been a graphic designer for 18 years after pursuing an art career that started when my primary school teacher noticed my painting skills in the classroom at age 5. I spent my school years in art, media and design and graduated into my dream career as a graphic designer in publishing and web design. I discovered surface pattern design in 2015 and couldn’t believe that making patterns and prints could actually be a job! So I added more design strings to my bow and opened my own shop and business.


Now I like to combine my love of, and skills in, all things design and continue to freelance for businesses and entrepreneurs, and design fabrics and stationery for makers.

About the studio

I am based in a lovely little village in West Sussex, surrounded by nature and the English countryside, but am equidistant between the bustling, creative cities of London and Brighton that keep everything fresh, vibrant and fun!


This is why you’ll see all my designs give a nod to both humble, everyday things but also to sleek, commercial things - I like a balance of both!

My pattern designs are available for commercial licensing and I offer design services to all sized businesses.


See my licensing work

See graphic design services


Some fun facts!

  • I am a bit of a marvel nerd

  • I am a keen crocheter

  • If I wasn’t a designer I’d be a florist

  • My favourite colour changes all the time 

Get in touch

Pattern design, graphic design or learn design? There's lots here for you! To make sure you get through to the right place, follow these links and contact me with your query.

Surface Pattern Design - Licensing and Portfolio

Graphic Design - Freelance projects and Contract work

Consulting Design - Bespoke help and advice for your business

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