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  • Christine Gardner

5 mood boosters for your week ahead!

Want to try something new this week? If you are feeling stuck in a rut or bored or want to get creative here are our top 5 things to do this week. Kick-start a new project, update your interior or just get a bit more creative.


The things you can do with wrap! I am constantly impressed with customer photos and all the things they get up to with my wrap. From lining notebook covers to lining play kitchens - they are amazing! What would you like create with wrap?

There are lots of tutorials on YouTube if you need some inspiration (and I even have a couple of videos on there!).


Let's face it we are spending A LOT of time in our homes right now. A really lovely quick pick-me-up are drawer liners and all you need is a sheet of wrapping paper! Check out Meg Brink's blog where she creates this beauty and gives you all the tips on how to create this fresh new look.

MOOD BOOSTER 3 - Write a letter or card

Nothing beats taking time out to write a letter. The Greetings Card Association created this video which demonstrates how sending a card can really deliver a smile.

MOOD BOOSTER 4 - Get colouring!

The ultimate mood booster - colouring! It's relaxing, creative, it focuses your mind. I love it! These cards are great for kids - but why not be a big kid too this year and send your dad a personalised coloured card!!

MOOD BOOSTER 5 - In the mood for Spring

Inspired by Spring and all the lovely flowers popping up everywhere? We have lots of stationery to compliment that mood that you can treat yourself or someone else too.

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