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  • Christine Gardner

6 ways we are reducing our impact on the environment in 2020

We are making 6 changes in 2020 to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment and get well on our way to plastic free.

1. Going Naked!

We are unwrapping all of our single cards and nesting our envelopes in the card for all online orders. We previously used biodegradable cello sleeves but as these are still one time, one use items we wanted to make a change. Your cards are still safe as they come wrapped in the receipt and thank you postcard. We still wrap our card sets in a biodegradable cello sleeve but if you know of a different solution we could use contact us please!

Yay! Our cards are naked!

2. Our cards are fully recyclable

All of our cards designs will have just a 30% surface area or below covered in foil which ensures the card can still be recycled. We still want to offer a high end and celebratory product (and we love a bit of gold!) so it’s fantastic news that we don’t have to sacrifice on our design and finishes to still deliver you a recyclable product.

3. Our wrap is fully recyclable Our wrap is uncoated and has no shiny plastic finish or glitter on it so is 100% recyclable. We love this organic look to our wrap which is thicker and more luxurious and compliments our designs. Why not use a bit of recyclable brown tape too so it can all be recycled!

4. Repackaging writing sets We have stopped using our recyclable cello and are now using lovely hand finished boxes to house our writing sets. This means the whole set is recyclable! The sets also are far more giftable and luxurious now and are easier to store if you don’t write all your letters at once!

Our writing set upgrade!

5. No bubble wrap in small orders

We can now use brown paper packing when sending out rolled wrap. Although the bubble wrap we use is recycled by us we can’t guarantee that it will then be recycled at the delivery end so we are ending the cycle with us.

6. Recyclable postage

All of our orders have been and will continue to be sent in recyclable postage envelopes. We will continue to design our products in a way which enables us to do this going forward.

We still need to work on...

Packaging our sets of cards. If you have a solution, please get in touch!

Rolling wrap. Our tube packaging still has plastic ends - does anyone know of any alternatives?

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