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Behind the Range: Good Times!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Bring on the Happy!

It's time to introduce to you GOOD TIMES! A range inspired by good times and things we get joy from. These were created post lockdown when I could finally get creating again and it seems like happiness came through on each card!

Like many others I'm sure, I found lockdown put an immediate stop to my creativity. I struggled with seeing lots of people stating that they had more time for things like drawing and creating and I didn't even have a minute to open up my sketchbook.

As soon as things eased though I knew I wanted to put together another floral collection based on our bestselling Easter cards and gift wrap and Good Times was born!

We have a selection of 12 birthday cards in the range. I loved including people in them and liked that they were small and completely absorbed in their environment - probably something that we were actually all feeling after lockdown. Some of them celebrate florals but we have a few celebrating all things birthday - like cake, drinks, relaxing hot chocolates and even doughnuts! Bit of a treat-fest!

All occasions covered...

I also created some occasion cards that are full of happy. Full of forals, energy and confetti these cards are perfect for celebrating the good times.

I wanted to fill some 'gaps' in my shop and have included more wedding day specific cards and a happy anniversary one. There's a new baby and new home one and we have some good luck and well done ones in the pipeline so we pretty much have every happy occasion covered I think...

Celebrate the Milestones

I also wanted to cover milestones as we had an old range sell out in the beginning of the year that I knew was going to be discontinued. These cards celebrate milestones to the max and feature playful figures sliding down numbers or standing proudly on them. The numbers are finished in gold foil and you’ll find small gold foil touches in the confetti and hats of the figures. A really joyful range celebrating the usual milestones from 18-70.

Etsy Exclusives

There are also a couple of exclusive additions in my Etsy shop within the range.

We have a set of pretty postcards which are perfect for sending out quick notes to anyone you are thinking of. They have no writing on the front so they are very versatile and can be used for all sorts of occasions other than birthdays.

These come with brown envelopes too so you can keep your messages private and ensure that the postcard isn't damaged in the post.

Postcards are so popular at the moment just to let people who you can't see all the time know you are thinking about them.

Another exclusive product are our writing sets. This one has been available since Easter but the wrap inspired the range so thought I would share it again here!

My new favourites

One last thing before I go, and another Etsy exclusive, is that we have put together the collection to form a boxed set of cards.

This boxed set includes 10 cards. You have a choice of

- Women's birthday cards. 2 of each of 5 designs.

- Men's birthday cards. 2 of each of 5 designs.

- Birthday mix. 1 of each of the men's and women's designs.

All presented in a lovely kraft box decorated with a floral band.

I'm pretty excited about it and think it is perfect for those that like to get super organised and get all their cards ordered at once or stock up!

Let me know if you are one of these people and would like to see future ranges like this and we'll make sure you are covered!

As you can see, this has been a pretty big range - our largest yet! Maybe it was good that I got a break from the creativity in lockdown so that all these ideas could come together in my head before they came about on paper.

It was pretty much a full digital project too as I knew I had limited time to get all the ideas sketched out and then scanned and then digitised (which is how I usually work) but with the summer holidays looming I knew I had to get my ideas down quickly and they all came out really well!

Hope you enjoy the new range.

Here's to lots of good times ahead!


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