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Design series: Do I need a logo?

If you are a business you need a logo. A logo sums up what you do, makes you instantly recognisable and makes your company individual in a sea of other businesses providing services that you provide.

It allows people to recognise you and connect with you before you meet them. It provides your audience with a little message about what you do. How your company performs and what it does. It can provide a sense of authority on your subject, a sense of belonging to something or even humour - if that's the tone of your company that is. A logo is quite a big deal.

So I say yes, everyone needs a logo. You might not be able to tell but even my logo, which is simply my name, is hand drawn. It might not even look like much of a logo to you but as I work across a number of design disciplines (graphic design - considered slick, business like and professional; surface pattern design - fun, loose, stand out from the crowd and web design - serious stuff) it had to be something neutral and that could be placed within any area I work in. I hand drew it so that it was individual to me and no one else could produce it by their own hand and therefore was unique. The same as the work I produce.

Working across multiple disciplines meant my logo had to be simple and universal to a number of design industries

Your logo considerations:

Does it sum up what you do?

The Crafty Red Button logo I created features a huge giant red button so it literally illustrates the company name but instead of simply adding holes we added in graphics to illustrate the different services they offer; sewing, stitching and creating.

Does it have the correct tone?

Be Creative Education needed to show creativeness and appeal to pre-school to school aged children and parents and so ultimately had to have a fun and bright element to it!

Is it suitable for web and print?

Lollipop Languages had a lovely logo and brand identity but the logo was sketched by hand and wouldn't scale for large print and was pixelated on screen so I did a simple refresh and created a vector version that could be used on all materials.

What do you get when I design a logo for you?

When designing a logo I will consider what it would look like across multimedia. So if it would work on a website as well as printed materials. And will it scale up on a poster but look just as good on a business card?

I'll also create a mini 'look book' with swatches and font elements so that you can take it away and instruct print companies or other designers on your look and feel.

An example of the lookbook you get with your logo design. This outlines fonts, colour swatches and any supporting images or graphics.

If you don’t have a sketch or any idea of what you would like then I can help with that too. We can discuss your business, what it is you want from your logo and I provide a few ideas to work from, you are never just given one choice or one final idea like many of the new ‘design your logo for free!’ apps.

You get a choice of logos with different colours, placements, fonts.

Plus, if you are a very small business (just you!) I can offer you a discount on my package costs as I know how expensive it can be to start up your own business and why should that mean you don‘t get good branding?

Get in touch if you would like further information or examples and let’s get your business noticed!

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