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  • Christine Gardner

Hello new mini card collections

May sees the launch of our new mini card collections. Mini Collections are my new, limited edition designs (and possible one-offs!) that have been designed as a request from customers - yes I do listen to your greetings cards needs!

If they sell well they will be added to a main collection and made permanently available. I'd love your feedback on these ranges, and whether you want them in a main collection, and if you have any more greetings card requests.

What are these?

Small run, limited edition designs. These are exclusive, first come, first served fresh, new and exclusive designs. They have more niche themes than ones in my current ranges, but still have our modern style. Printed on the usual FSC-certified textured stock, with kraft envelopes.


Environmentally friendly - no overprinting or left over stock. I print the designs that our customers want and need.

Customer focussed - I want to offer you a whole range of cards and new designs for a broader range of events, themes and ideas. Mini Collections means I can do just that.

How can I get them?

Newsletter subscribers - get an email when a new collection launches and exclusivity

Happy Post Club subscribers - get a design picked at random in their post every month

The cards then go on general release on our website.

Planned collections

Fun and Fitness

Crafty Collection


Birth Flowers

Calendar Events

Positivity and Wellness

Anything else you would like to see?


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