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  • Christine Gardner

Hello, new tech cases!

I thought I would dedicate a post to my new CASETiFY lines. I've stripped back designs and have aligned them with my main ranges so you can match all your stationery and homewares if you wish!

My cases are produced in partnership with CASETiFY.

Who are CASETiFY?

What started as a simple idea--to make your Instagram photos into custom phone cases--has now turned into the ultimate case maker for everyone with self-expression at our core from the start.

These cases really are of amazing quality and I have them on both my Mac and phone (it stopped my Mac from smashing into a thousand pieces when I dropped it on my quarry tiled kitchen floor from a substantial height - eek!).

We're big believers in self-expression, so we wanted to embody just that for the dreamers and playmakers who settle for nothing less than the best for their phone cases!

They have a Re/CASETiFY program now where they are recycling old cases and making them into shiny new ones (hopefully coming to the UK soon) and they use a lot of sustainable materials for their cases too which is amazing progress.

So what are the new designs?

Blooming Marvellous

Blush pinks, baby blues, and sage greens in a bold floral arrangement. I love how these flowers are scattered across the case and that you can still see your phone or laptop through the case. Bringing nature indoors!


I couldn't resist adding this new design to my CASETiFY range. I like how the florals pop up from the bottom of the case, like meadow flowers pop out from the ground. A bright, bold pattern perfect for a Spring update!

Wild party prints!

My Harriets Party range is all about animals and kids having fun so I thought these designs fitted in perfectly! It's all about the year of the tiger so I had to include those and of course create them in my favourite colour - blush pink! Harriet also loves a cheetah so that print had to be included too. I think the darker hue makes it bold and fun!

Good Times Florals

Fresh florals and foliage are sprinkled across these cases to create pretty, fresh designs. These flowers always make me smile and are an instant reminder of Spring and Summer.

More information

Clicking on these links will take you straight to my CASETiFY store but if you would like to see them on my website with a bit more info on CASETiFY then click here to see my site.

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