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  • Christine Gardner

Starting the new year, write

We are so excited to announce a new product in our range of stationery - notebooks!

We've been wanting to design some notebooks for a while and here they are! We decided to go for a soft cover saddle stitched design with plain pages so that they are portable and can be used for anything - notes, sketches and journalling.

There are 2 of our signature floral designs and 2 striped versions with a motivational quote on each to encourage your creativity or task - perfect for the new year!

Here are some specs for those of you who like them!

48 plain pages

A5 (5.83 × 8.27 in approx)

300gsm soft cover


These all had to meet our top 'most wanted' for notebooks

  1. Bright and motivational covers

  2. Sturdy enough for popping in your bag and transporting

  3. Lightweight - so you can take it anywhere

  4. Plain pages - more versatility

  5. Opens flat - there's nothing worse when you can't make proper notes when your notebook won't open properly!

We hope you like our first set of notebooks. Please let us know if you would like to see any future ones - any differently too.

Below is a little video I made where you can see the notebooks in action!


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