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All companies, large and small, should be doing their bit for the environment. This is what we do...

Going Naked!

We are unwrapping all of our single cards and nesting our envelopes in the card for all online orders. We previously used biodegradable cello sleeves but as these are still one time, one use items we wanted to change. Your cards are still safe as they come wrapped in the receipt and thank you postcard. We wrap our card sets in twine to keep them secure.


Our cards are fully recyclable

All of our cards designs will have just a 30% surface area or below covered in foil which ensures the card can still be recycled. We still want to offer a high end and celebratory product (and we love a bit of gold!) so it’s fantastic news that we don’t have to sacrifice on our design and finishes to still deliver you a recyclable product.

Our wrap is fully recyclable

Our wrap is uncoated and has no shiny plastic finish or glitter on it so is 100% recyclable. We love this organic look to our wrap which is thicker and more luxurious and compliments our designs. Why not use a bit of recyclable brown tape too so it can all be recycled!


All of our products are proudly produced in the UK

I am proud to use UK only suppliers to ensure less impact on our environment due to shipping. I am proud to support British makers and help sustain our thriving industry.

FSC-certified Board and Envelopes

All of my cards and paper products are printed onto luxury 300gsm, FSC-certified boards.

Plastic Free Packaging

All cards are packaged plastic-free.


For our wholesale customers, we offer a nested solution or bio-degradable cello bag. I am still looking into clasps that work with our designs.


When you buy cards directly from my website or Etsy, individual cards and envelopes are package-free, and if you order more than 5 cards, they are wrapped in tissue paper.

Plastic Free Outer Packaging

Website and Etsy orders are packaged plastic free in recyclable brown envelopes and/or tubes.

Wholesale orders are packed without any excess plastic packaging or recycled packaging from myself.

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