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  • Christine Gardner

Answering Your Questions About Wrap and Card Stashes

Ever been caught out and not had a card for someones birthday? Not had enough wrap for a present and had to make a mad dash to the supermarket only to spend a fortune on flimsy, creased paper?

Here are 6 questions I get asked about how to get organised and solve these problems!

Q: What is a stash?

A: My definition of a stash is having lovely cards and wraps to hand for celebration and gifting occasions at home. There's no need for last minute panic buying at the shops. You save money, and time, and anxiety!

Q: I need lots of wrap for crafting and gift wrapping but it's so expensive to buy individual sheets, how can I build a stash cheaply?

A: Wrap sets! - Buy in bulk for crafting, wrapping or to use throughout the whole year

Perfect for big presents, lots of presents, or lots of occasions throughout the year! Wrap sets are more cost effective then buying single sheets as they are often cheaper in price, and you save on postage costs. If you purchase a versatile design, like my heart design for example, it can be used to wrap Valentine's gifts, birthday presents, be used for weddings, anniversaries or for any other thoughtful occasion.

My wraps are also really good for crafting projects so they could be used for your next big paper project.

Q: I send a LOT of cards! Do you offer any big packs?

A: Bumper card packs are designed for the office - but are also perfect for the ultimate card sender!

How many cards do you actually send a year? It adds up and you might be surprised at the answer. If you have a big family or a large circle of friends then this is also the perfect set for you. If you just really want to nip the whole 'last minute card buying panic' in the bud then this set is perfect, it could even last you a couple of years - so you are prepared for a long time ahead!

Q: I wrap a lot but need tags and ribbons too...

A: You need a lovely set that keeps you organised, but also ups your wrap game!

One of my most favourite things in my shop - the wrap box sets. The ultimate in pretty wrapping, they include gorgeous wraps, gold foil tags and lush ribbons. And a bonus - it all comes in a nice box for you to keep it all safe until you need it. You can dip in and out of this set for as long as you need. You can then top it up after with more wraps if you need!

Q: I need lots of cards in March, but no other month - what can I do?

A: If you don't want a whole lot of cards delivered all at once in a big quantity then a subscription service like the Happy Post Club is for you.

For March, you could order a 3 month subscription in advance and collect cards up as you go. Or you could order a one-off 1 month subscription just for that month and then they are delivered to you - and you are sorted!

Q: Cards are so expensive, how can I get a lot of nice designs for less money?

A: Lucky Dip bags are a great way of saving money, with added fun and surprise for you when you open them!

Lucky dip bags are a fun way to increase your stash. If you need a theme, my packs can cover that. I have birthday packs, occasion packs, Easter and Christmas packs. If you find it difficult to pick cards then leave it up to the lucky dip bags to be picked for you!

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