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  • Christine Gardner

5 really good reasons to send a few Christmas cards this year

...And every year! I've always been a big sender of cards - even before designing them myself. Maybe it's because I grew up without a mobile phone and the internet so if I wanted to stay in touch with someone I had to write a letter or send a card!

I always wrote thank you cards for my birthday presents, letters to my friend at uni, postcards on holiday, and yes birthday cards and Christmas cards.

Admittedly, I never had to write as many as a child as I do as an adult now, and I can see how the process can be a bit full on and intense, monotonous and tiring (and trying to get my 8 year old to write 30 out for her class can be a challenge!) BUT I feel it's worth it and here's why...

I'm always posting letters and cards - and not just orders!

1. Cards make people happy

There's no doubt about it, people like cards. I don't know anyone who doesn't like getting a bit of post through the door with a lovely message or sentiment from someone they care about in it. Cards are so beautifully creative these days too, it can be like receiving a little piece of art through the door. They can make you laugh, cry, feel grateful, loved, happy and everything in between.

They simply promote well being through connection. Who wouldn't want to spread this joy as much as they possibly could?

Everyone loves a greetings card

2. It only costs 75p if you send them early

But sending cards is so expensive I hear you cry! Well how lovely that you have a lot of people you want to connect with I say! It only costs 75p to send a card second class if you send them early at Christmas. That's up, down and sideways across the country which I think is a good deal. And 75p to make someones day and make them feel all the feelings I mentioned above? Worth every penny I say!

75p to send anywhere in the country!

3. They keep you connected

Some of us live further away than we would like from family members or friends. We don't get to see them often, if at all. If they aren't people you call or message often then a card is a great way to check in, to let them know you are thinking of them and will keep you connected in a meaningful way.

Get out that address book and get connected!

4. Sending cards can be mindful for you too!

Not only do you get happy when you receive a card, but it also makes you feel good sending one too. Spreading happiness and joy can be a great mood booster and if you have a lot of them to send it could even become a mindful activity like colouring! You could put on the Christmas music, a cheesy Christmas film, maybe open the mince pies and mulled wine early and create a new Christmas card writing tradition for yourself. If you have a lot to write you could do a few a week - and enjoy all those treats every week too!

And relax!...

5. You can support a charity or small business

Of course you need to purchase your cards from somewhere and that in turn supports an artist, business or charity somewhere and how nice is that? All are a wonderful way of promoting a message you want to put out there whether it be a charity's awareness or getting behind the support small business message which is so important for indie sellers over Christmas - especially if they are local to you too.

Supporting a small business at Christmas means the world to us!

Has this made you want to send cards this year? I hope so, it's a wonderfully simple activity that benefits the sender and receiver at this time of year, and any time of year!

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