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  • Christine Gardner

Hope Blooms: Introducing a Stunning New Snowdrop Pattern Collection

You know that feeling you get when you first see new flowers appear or reappear from the ground after a wet, cold and windy winter?

It's something I marvel at every year and it fills me with the hopes of newness and spring - as well as pure joy!

So this pattern is dedicated to that feeling - hope. And everything snowdrop too!

Rolls of fabric in snowdrop patterns
Perfect patterns for fabric.

Deep charcoals, earthy greens with pops of pinks, this collection celebrates winter turning to spring. Snowdrops, berries, and winter leaves feature in energetic patterns perfect for fabrics and papers.

Available for licensing. Email 

New pattern collection shown as blocks with the title Hope is a Snowdrop
Hope is a Snowdrop collection

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