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Looking back and forward: Harriet's Party

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

For those who missed out on my Instagram series in April about Harriet's Party - a joyful range aimed at kids (and big kids!) - I've put together the posts for you here. Enjoy!

How it all started

This range started with lot of sketches with my daughter Harriet. I knew that I wanted to add some more kids cards to my shop and I thought who better to ask than her?!

So it was a very sketchbook based range in the beginning. I would add ideas down when I thought of them or when I heard Harriet mention something she liked.

Then all the characters and drawings were scanned in and I redrew them in Illustrator using my Wacom.

As Harriet had so many ideas the rage came together very quickly and I’ve learned that if I need a whole bunch of ideas fast - she is the girl to ask!

How it all started - lots of sketches!

The meaning

So as mentioned I wanted to add some kids cards to my shop as I had a lot of florals and some sealife characters - I just wanted something a bit fresher and something that would appeal to 5-10 year olds.

I named the range Harriet’s Party as essentially it was based on everything she wanted on a card or everything that she had wanted to do for her birthday party (I think she mentions her birthday at least once every single day of the year!).

I wanted the range to be bright and fun - and for both boys and girls (more boy figures coming soon!) and I wanted the designs to be fuss free and graphic to appeal across age ranges. I mean, I like the giraffe so much I want him for my birthday!

Of course final say went to Harriet on whether the character looked right - thank goodness my unicorn looked like a unicorn!

A moodboard starts to come together for the range.

Card focus

These cards have both bold elements in the fact that the characters are bright, cheery and full of personality, but also subtle with a plain white background and tiny gold star and black dot detailing.

Bold characters with little detailing to appeal to kids and big kids!

This was so the cards appealed to kids and big bids and even adults. I wanted the simple statements and graphics to really stand out and the card to be a sophisticated version of a kids card - do you think it works?!

I love the tiny gold stars o all of them and the small gold detailing on the characters really make the cards for me too.

I love this range and Harriet and I are working on even more designs to launch soon - watch this space!


I decided to keep the wrap really simple in this range to compliment the cards (it also meant that the wrap would go with absolutely any card from the range - and you know how I like it all to match!).

As I already had a saline character wrap and shark wrap in my shop I wanted something quite neutral for kids. This wrap has also been a huge hit at Christmas and is one of my best sellers at the end of the year!

I like how it can be used for any sort of celebration and again isn’t limited to just kids present giving. I like how you could put it with one of my floral wraps in another range too and it would totally go with it.

Perfect Party Paper!

Other products

You can add different specifications to Casetify cases. I've added pink to this Harriet's Party Rainbow design.

I thought I would share a Casetify design for this one as I like the simplicity and playfulness of the design on a phone case (it also proves that grown ups can enjoy this range too!).

There are star and rainbow designs in my shop and as you create your case in the Casetify store you can add all sorts of different colours and finishes to the side of the case (I chose pink for this one - of course!) and I think these designs mean you can really go to town on what you pick!

If you are interested in getting a case and want a discount - get in touch as I have a code!

Harriet’s Party - Looking Forward

As I teased earlier, I have lots more designs for this range coming. As these were designed with my daughter in mind, the characters are all female. So I want to add in some boys as they like to be superheroes and pirates too right?! And some other characters that Harriet thinks would be good like dragons, astronauts and leopards! I’m sketching them up as you read this probably but I’m not sure when I will get to my desk to finalise them and add them to the shop - hopefully this year - or by Harriet’s next birthday party!

Lots of new Harriet's Party characters are in the works!

I would so love to sell sticker sheets - what do you think?! I think these designs would be fab for kids - maybe with some positivity messages within them too? They could use them for journalling or just for general arts and crafting.

What do you think?

Fun sticker sheets include all the card design characters!

Thank you for reading about Harriet's Party. Hope you enjoyed this deep dive in to the range!


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